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Erika Hitge - Psychometrist, trainer, counsellor and play therapist

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Erika Hitge, BA Psych, Hons Psych, MDIAC (Play Therapy), PhD in Psychology (The well-being of SA psychologists: a mixed method study) and is registered with the HPCSA as counselor and psychometrist and cpd accredited trainer. My practice is a home for people who need healing, need to grow emotionally or are in need of new skills (career or life skills).


The HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) act as protector of the public and provide guidance to professionals in the health professions.

I embrace, as registered practitioner, the value system of the HPCSA and believe that individual practitioners should continuously engage in career development activities to comply with the statutory requirements as determined by the HPCSA. Ethical practice requires continued commitment to the development of knowledge, skills and ethics. Registration of a practice with the HPCSA gives a client the assurance that their interests will be served and that they will receive protection whilst receiving an excellent service.

Should you be interested in training, therapy, parental guidance or psychometric services in the Emmarentia area, contact me.

My passion and field of specialisation is play therapy in which I hold a Masters Degree. I supply therapy to families in conflict e.g. divorce and also individual therapy to children, teens, adults and the aged and their families. As registered psychometrist with the HPCSA I can assist you with a range of services. Personally I believe that all people have tremendous capacity for living wonderful lives.