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Dear colleague  Please find below a program aimed at assisting you to acquire all your needed cpd points for 2016. Training has been accredited for psychologists, psychometrists, registered counsellors, social workers and psychiatrists. Training material, arrival and afternoon coffee with a snack, lunch and water throughout the day is supplied. Kindly forward this e-mail to any other colleagues who might benefit from the training or who are being audited by the HPCSA. Also, please let me know if this e-mail does not apply to you, or if you want your name removed from this communication list. 

Venue: Pathways: 99 Auckland Ave, corner Sunbury Ave, Auckland Park, Johannesburg 
Enquiries: 082 366 3374 
Cost: R 1100 per person per day. Students, group bookings of 5 or more people and individuals who book for 3 or more days qualify for a 15% discount.
Bookings close 5 work days prior to the training commencing. A ticket is issued for each event as soon as proof of payment is received. Banking detail: Erika Hitge, Nedbank, current account; Account number: 1122385676; Branch: Campus Square; Branch number: 158105 
Date and time 
Speaker Event CPD points 
July -date to be confirmed 
Dr Marlene Arendt
Ethics and psychology: This training day is aimed at assisting students who need to write Board exams to prepare-a range of exam papers are incorporated into this training. Simultaneously current practitioners are stimulated to consider ethical dilemmas and their outcomes through case examples. A practical approach is taken to this serious topic-discussions and questions are always welcome.  
12 ethics points 
2 April 2016: 9-4  
Monica Austen 
Dialectic behaviour therapy (DBT): This training will assist delegates to develop mindfulness, interpersonal relationships, emotional regulation and stress tolerance both for their patients and for themselves. Research background and links to Cognitive Therapy will be illuminated. 
6 general points 
3 June 2016: 9-4 
Dr Marlene Arendt
DSM 5: The training day compares various historical DSM’s. The differences between older and the most current DSM is drawn and proposed changes for future DSM’s will be alluded to. The training 
6 general points 
culminates in a helpful and easily digestible summary of the DSM 5. 
13 August 2016: 9-4  
Stephen Laverack
Sex, Sexuality and Gender Identity: The objective of the workshop would be to unpack human sexuality and think beyond the binary of sexuality. In addition, we would examine gender identity and explore some of the issues faced by LGBTIQ+ people. 
6 general   
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Payment must be received three working days prior to the training event that you book for. 


My banking detail:

Erika van Rooyen

Nedbank savings account

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Testimonials of people who have attended the training:

"I enjoyed the content and the process of training."

"Learning was fun and interesting."

"Excellent training."

"The training was always about the client. It was highly experiential."

"The training is practical allowing me to be engaged at all times."

"All the information provided was useful and is applicable to daily practice!"